The provisional UK mean temperature was 7.7 °C, which is 1.5 °C above the 1981-2010 long-term average, making it the 6th warmest November in a series from 1884. Both mean maximum and minimum temperatures were generally around 1.5 °C above average, but in Northern Ireland it was slightly less mild.
This report, "Changing Climate, Changing Forests" grew out of a cross-disciplinary synthesis Evidence of climate change and its impact on northeastern forests has grown stronger with each passing year. On a seasonal basis, precipitation increases are expected to be greatest in winter...
Dec 26, 2020 · The condition of the atmosphere when it contains as much water as it can hold at a given temperature (state of total wetness) is known as… A. Breaking point B. Saturation C. Atmospheric climax D. Perspiration E. Conditional humidity B. Saturation December 26, 2020 / in Feeds / by Patricia Kinyua
The temperate forest biome has an average temperature, depending on its location. The temperate deciduous biome is located in North America, western Europe, and eastern Asia. The average is about 50 degrees. The temperate range in North America is 35 - 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and in Europe and Asia, the range is about 45 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit.